Table 1 Combined results from gene expression and DNA aberration profiling

From: Gene expression and copy number profiling suggests the importance of allelic imbalance in 19p in asbestos-associated lung cancer

Chromosomal region Size (Mbp) Bp position (USCSa) Asbestos exposed Non-exposed
2p21–p16.3 1.80 46085261–47886912 Gain Loss
3p21.31 0.90 48530240–49429317 Loss No aberration
5q35.2–q35.3 2.74 175775918–178511817 Loss No aberration
16pl3.3 3.05 258760–3308575 No aberration Gain
19pl3.3–p13.1 18.3 492784–18756768 Loss Gain
22q12.3–q13.1 1.35 34866676–36217331 No aberration Gain
  1. aMar. 2006 Genome assembly.