Table 1 Proteins involved in mitochondrial fusion and fission and their effect on apoptosis and energy metabolism

From: Mitochondria and cancer: is there a morphological connection?

Protein Function Localization Apoptosis Energy metabolism References
DRP-1 Fission cytosol and OMM Overexpression sensitizes cells to apoptosis; silencing and dominant negative mutant reduce MMP induced by several apoptotic stimuli   Breckenridge et al. (2003), Frank et al. (2001), Lee et al. (2004), Szabadkai et al. (2004)
Fis1 Fission OMM Overexpression triggers MMP and silencing protects from several apoptotic stimuli Overexpression affects Δψm James et al. (2003), Lee et al. (2004), Niemann et al. (2005); Yu et al. (2005)
Endophilin B1 Fission Cytosol and OMM Silencing and dominant negative mutant cause separation of OMM and IMM   Karbowski et al. (2004)
MTP18 Fission Mitochondria Silencing sensitizes cells to UV or TNFα treatment. Overexpression triggers MMP   Tondera et al. (2004)
GDPAP1 Fission OMM    Niemann et al. (2005)
Mfns Fusion OMM Overexpression inhibits MMP and Bax/Bak activation Silencing affects Δψm and respiration. Overexpression of Mfn2 stimulates OXPHOS Chen et al. (2005), Pich et al. (2005), Sugioka et al. (2004)
Opa1 Fusion IMM and IMS Silencing causes MMP and apoptosis in Fis1 dependent fashion. siRNA sensitizes cells to apoptotis Affects Δψm and impairs respiration Chen et al. (2005), Griparic et al. (2004), Lee et al. (2004), Olichon et al. (2003)
Mitofilin     Increases ROS production and affects Δψm John et al. (2005)