Table 1 Summary of POU2F3 expression, methylation and allele loss in cervical cancer cell lines

From: Aberrant promoter methylation and silencing of the POU2F3 gene in cervical cancer

Cell lines POU2F3 mRNA expression a POU2F3 promoter methylation b Homozygosity at 11q23.3 c
HeLa + +
C-4 I + +
Ca Ski + +
SW756 + +
Hs588d + ND
C-33Ad ± +
DoTc24510 + ND
ME-180 +
SiHa +
  1. aPOU2F3 mRNA expression was measured by RT–PCR: +=expression positive; −=expression negative; ±=reduced expression.
  2. bPOU2F3 promoter methylation detected by COBRA: +=methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme digested positive; −=methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme digested negative.
  3. cHomozygosity at 11q23.3: +=show homozygous for at least three markers; −=a retention of both alleles for at least three markers; ND=not determined (Zhang et al., 2005).
  4. dThese cell lines are HPV negative.