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Overexpression of LRP12, a gene contained within an 8q22 amplicon identified by high-resolution array CGH analysis of oral squamous cell carcinomas


Chromosome 8q amplification is a common event observed in cancer. In this study, we used high-resolution array comparative genomic hybridization to resolve two neighboring regions on 8q that are both amplified in oral cancer. One region (at 8q24) contains the MYC oncogene, which is frequently overexpressed in many cancers, while the other region (at 8q22) represents a novel amplicon. The alignment of array comparative genomic hybridization profiles of 20 microdissected oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCCs) revealed a 5 Mbp region of frequent copy number alteration. This region harbors 16 known genes. Gene expression analysis comparing 15 microdissected OSCC with 16 normal epithelium samples revealed overexpression specific to LRP12 but not the neighboring genes, dihydropyrimidinase and FOG2, suggesting that LRP12 may function as an oncogene in oral tumors.

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We thank Sandra Henderson, Spencer Watson and Chad Malloff for technical assistance, Dr Calum MacAulay for helpful discussion and Dr Marco Marra for providing BAC clones. This work was supported by scholarships from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and Michael Smith Foundation for health research to CG and BPC, and grants from the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the National Cancer Institute of Canada and Genome British Columbia. Tissue DNA was archived using funds from Grant R01 DE13124 from NIDCR.

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Garnis, C., Coe, B., Zhang, L. et al. Overexpression of LRP12, a gene contained within an 8q22 amplicon identified by high-resolution array CGH analysis of oral squamous cell carcinomas. Oncogene 23, 2582–2586 (2004).

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