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    EDINBURGH. Royal Pica1 Society, Oct. 17. J. Stephenson: Eastern pepts and Western science. A. C. Chaudhun: study on the pigmentation of the Himalayan rab(. By controlling the temperature of the environ- n,fit, Himalayan rahhit can he made to grow pig- mented hair in place of white. Low temperature probably stimulates the epithelial cells of the follicles to secrete an oxidase which in combination with a chromogen produces the pigment granules. P. Mclsaac; Blood serum calcium and parturition in the rabbit. Seven to ten days before parturition in the rabbit there is a fall in the serum calcium content, and one day before parturition there is a further and sudden fall to a minimum. After parturition the calcium content is restored to normality, but on the nineteenth day or thereabouts of the lactation period there is a second sudden fall.

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