Table 2 RT–PCR and SAGEmap virtual Northern expression results for three ESTs from each of the MAGOH-LIKE and x006 candidate genes

From: Physical and transcript map of the minimally deleted region III on 17p implicated in the early development of Barrett's oesophageal adenocarcinoma

   RT–PCR SAGEmap a
EST ID Gene (exon) b Oes N BOA * OSCC Liv N Prst N Brn N Brst N Col * T Stom N Tissue
HS846185 MAG(1) + +(2) +(2) + + + + NF
HS025225 MAG(7) + +↓ + + + + Brn(N)
AW104858 MAG(8) + + + + NF
AW368449 x006 (1) + +(3) +(3) + + + Kid(N)
HS387329 x006 (between 6 and 7) + +↓ +↓ + + NF
AI004998 x006 (between 6 and 7) + + + + + + + Col(T)
  1. +: positive expression; −: negative expression; number in brackets indicates the number of different-sized transcripts observed when greater than one; ↓: decreased band intensity compared to normal oesophagus RNA; MAG: MAGOH-LIKE; OesN: normal oesophagus; BOA: Barrett's oesophageal adenocarcinoma; OSCC: oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma tissue; Liv(N): normal liver; Prst(N): normal prostate; Brn(N): normal brain; Brst(N): normal breast; Col(T): colon tumour; Stom(N): normal stomach;
  2. *: RNA extracted from cell lines.
  3. atissues positive for the SAGEtag from the given EST are listed. NF: EST not found in SAGEmap database.
  4. number in brackets after gene name indicates the exon to which the EST aligns. Brn (T): brain tumour; Kid (N): normal kidney; Ov (N): Normal ovary; Panc (T): pancreatic tumour; Prst (T): prostate tumour; Brst (T): breast tumour.