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Erratum: Corrigendum

Oncogene2000; 19, 2–12

In the above paper the authors have notified us of a mistake in Figure 3a.

Figure 1

Effect of δ24 on the viability of normal fibroblasts. (a) Phase-contrast photomicrographs of D-54 MG glioma cells (top) and CCD32-Lu lung fibroblasts (bottom) 7 days after infection with 10 MOI of UV-δ24 (left) or δ24 adenovirus (right). Magnification, ×100

The bottom row of this panel did not encompass the two different figures, but two different pictures of the same experiment. Printed below are the corrected copies of the two figures that are representative for the two independent experiments described in the paper. This change does not affect the legend of the figure, the results, or conclusions reported in the manuscript.

The authors apologize for the error, and regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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