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The putative tumour suppressor Fus-2 is an N-acetyltransferase


Acetyltransferases are essential enzymes for a wide variety of cellular processes and mutations in acetyltransferase genes have been associated with the development of certain cancers. For this reason, we conducted a computerized sequence homology search for novel acetyltransferases. Here, we show that the putative tumour suppressor protein Fus-2 has homology to the catalytic domain of acetyltransferases. We demonstrate that Fus-2 can acetylate the N-terminus of proteins using a ping-pong mechanism and that it has a specificity for substrates. Consistent with other N-acetyltransferases, Fus-2 localizes to the cytoplasm, as shown by GFP-tag experiments. Since the Fus-2 gene maps to the chromosomal region 3p21.3, which contains at least one tumour suppressor gene, the N-acetyltransferase functions of Fus-2 may be relevant to its potential role in cancer.

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We are grateful to Dr M Lerman for sending Cosmid LUCA-14 which contained the genomic Fus-2 DNA. We are also grateful to Nicole den Elzen and John Pines for supplying the GFP plasmids. This work was supported by grant (SP2081/0101) from the Cancer Research Campaign.

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Zegerman, P., Bannister, A. & Kouzarides, T. The putative tumour suppressor Fus-2 is an N-acetyltransferase. Oncogene 19, 161–163 (2000).

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  • Fus-2
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