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    Two esteemed veterans of science—Sir Oliver Lodge and Prof. Henry E. Armstrong—celebrate their golden weddings within a few days of one another, and on behalf of scientific workers everywhere we offer them most cordial congratulations and best wishes for further happy years. Sir Oliver and Lady Lodge were married on Aug. 22, 1877, and Prof, and Mrs. Armstrong on Aug. 30, 1877, There is a distinctive quality in the personalities of the wives as well as of the partners of their triumphs and troubles for fifty years. Both Sir Oliver and Prof. Armstrong are distinguished by their originality of thought and independence of action; and both are held in affectionate regard by all who have come under their influence. Their different natures—or rather certain factors which characterise them—are represented to some extent in their eldest sons, Sir Oliver's being a life-long student of art and full of imaginative insight, while Prof. Armstrong's is devoted to industrial chemistry, and is managing director of the British Dyestuffs Corporation, Ltd. Heine said that a man should be careful in the choice of his parents, and with the Lodges and Armstrongs the children have had the advantage of both wise nurture and noble nature. Well may they say, in spirit and in truth: “Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers that begat us.”

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