Canadian Hydro-Electric Power Development


I. DURING a recent tour in Canada the writer, who had on a previous occasion seen Niagara and the Chippewa-Queenston installation, was able to investigate more widely, though admittedly in a superficial manner, the present stage of hydroelectric power development in the province of Quebec, where he visited power-sites and waterfalls at Shawinigan, Grandmere, La Gabelle, and Mont-morency. He also took the opportunity of discussing the situation with officials of the Shawinigan Water and Power Company at Montreal and of the Water Power Branch of the Department of the Interior at Ottawa. The following notes of his observations, combined with information obtained from official sources, may be of interest to readers of NATURE.

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CUNNINGHAM, B. Canadian Hydro-Electric Power Development. Nature 120, 299–301 (1927).

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