Chemistry in Iraq and Persia in the Tenth Century A.D


AN important communication with the above title appears in the Memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, vol. 8. No. 6, pp. 317-418 (1927), the authors being Principal H. E. Stapleton, of Presidency College, Calcutta, the late R. P. Azo, and M. H. Husain, professor of Arabic at Presidency College. The principal object of the paper, which is provided with numerous references and notes of great value, and is illustrated, is confined to supporting the thesis that “in 900 A.D. such a degree of exact knowledge of chemical substances and apparatus was displayed that historians may henceforward be justified in antedating the birth of scientific chemistry by—in all probability—at least 900 years; and, secondly, to indicating briefly the influences, both personal and racial, that appear to have controlled the development of chemistry in the period of investigation.”

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P., J. Chemistry in Iraq and Persia in the Tenth Century A.D. Nature 120, 242–243 (1927) doi:10.1038/120242a0

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