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A READY means of ascertaining what information has been published on any subject is of the highest importance to every worker in science and technology. As Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister said in a foreword to the Report of Proceedings of the first Conference on Information Bureaux and Special Libraries, in 1924, “The growth of knowledge during living memory has been remarkable and its application evident in every direction. Whilst it is generally recognised that knowledge is power, it is none the less true that a considerable proportion of accumulated knowledge is lying dormant and untapped. An immense amount of extremely valuable information is in existence, if only one knows where to find it. The volume of modern knowledge being far beyond the mental grasp of any individual, it becomes a vital necessity to provide a master-key whereby the common storehouse may be unlocked.”

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BRADFORD, S. A National Bureau of Information. Nature 120, 231–232 (1927) doi:10.1038/120231a0

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