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Archæological Work at Gerar

Naturevolume 120pages5657 (1927) | Download Citation



IT had long been desirable to obtain a more exact scale of dating in the archaeology of Palestine. For this purpose the Egyptian connexions were needed, and the British School of Archseology in Egypt therefore settled last winter upon the mound of the city of Gerar, nine miles south of Gaza, almost in the desert. An area of about an acre was cleared, to thirty feet deep, through six superimposed layers of building from 400 to 1500 B.C. Each chamber found was lettered on the plans, and each object found was given its chamber letters and foot level. The planning was continuous, and 2000 objects were drawn in outline for publication. The record is therefore complete, without needing notebooks or card catalogues. The date of each of the six layers of building could be ascertained within ten years by the external history; the rate of accumulation happily proves to accord with the time scale throughout, to within a foot,


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