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    LONDON. Royal Statistical Society, April 26.—Miss E. M. Newbold: The practical application of the statistics of repeated events with special reference to the personal factor in industrial accidents. The Industrial Fatigue Research Board has in progress an inquiry into individual liability to accident, and the possibility of sorting out persons who ought not to be placed in particularly dangerous occupations. Records of minor accidents among various groups of factory workers, dockyard apprentices, and Royal Air Force apprentices have been compared with the results obtained with selected psychological tests. The statistical side of this investigation, and the effect of chance variation on figures of this kind, were discussed. As regards these minor accidents, the average rate is considerably affected by a comparatively small proportion of people with repeated accidents, whose liability shows measurable stability when they are observed over successive periods and also in different circumstances. These same people also report sick for various minor ailments more frequently than their fellow-workers.

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