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The Recolonisation of Krakatau by Animal Life


THE gradual recolonising of the island of Krakatau various islands into consideration, the nearest suitable T with plants and animals subsequent to the terraine for such comparison appeared to be Duriancatastrophe of 1883 is a subject of great biological a member of the Rhio—Lingga archipelago. It has interest. Dr. K. W. Dammerman, of the Buitenzorg about the same area as Krakatau and is situated Museum, tells us that after studying the new fauna of between the bigger island of Sumatra and the Malay Krakatau it was desirable to compare it with that of Peninsula (just as Krakatau lies between Java and some similar neighbouring island which bad remained Sumatra). The whole island is clothed with virgin unaffected by volcanic convulsions. After taking forest, it has been little interfered with by man, and, for a very long time, no volcanic eruptions have devastated its fauna and flora. The fauna of Durian proved somewhat disappointing, owing to the poor soil and the resulting rather scanty vegetation. No Ficus of any kind, for example, was detected on the island, and, it mav be added, trees of the fig tribe are one of the most attractive for birds, insects, and other animals.

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