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    PREHISTORIC CULTURES OF SIBERIA. -While certain parts of Central Asia and Mongolia have recently attracted the attention of anthropologists and archaeologists, the neighbouring country of Siberia remains scarcely explored in this respect. This consideration induced the State Russian Museum (formerly the Museum of Alexander III.) in Leningrad to send a palm-ethnological expedition to the Altai mountains during 1924-1925. The expedition, under the leadership of Prof. S. J. Rudenko, explored in a systematic way a very large part of the country, and the results of the numerous excavations made indicate that the cultural life of the country was very intensive. The earliest remnants found belong to the later phase of the stone age; the skeletons found were brightly painted with ochre. About twenty places, with remnants of the bronze age, have been explored, and numerous articles, ornaments, and implements found. Some rather more recent stone graves discovered on the River Tchulishman contained, amongst other things, ornaments plainly indicating some connexion between the Altai nomads of those days and the Byzantinian culture.

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