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Major J. R. Erskine Murray


    MAJOR MURRAY was born in Edinburgh in 1868. At the University of Glasgow he studied under Lord Kelvin, and during the final years of his six years' course he did useful research work. He then entered Trinity College, Cambridge, as a research student. After being an assistant professor for two years at the HeriotWatt College, Edinburgh, he was appointed an experimental assistant to Marconi. His interests now became centred in radio work. He acted as a demonstrator at University College, Nottingham, and as lecturer to the George Coats Technical College at Paisley. In 1907 he started consulting work in radio-telegraphy and gave lectures on it to Faraday House, London, and other colleges. In 1913 he became a partner in the firm of Messrs. Clarke, Forde, Taylor, and Erskine Murray, consulting engineers.

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