Dr. Paul Kammerer


    THE family Kammerer is of Saxon descent. The ancestors migrated first to Transylvania, and from there to Lower Austria and Vienna. Here Paul Kam-merer's father erected a manufactory for scientific instruments. Paul Kammerer was born on August 18, 1880, studied at the University of Vienna in 1899–1904, took the degree of doctor in philosophy on June 23, 1904, and got the venia legendi for experimental morphology at the philosophical faculty of this same University. Having been a member of the staff of the Biologische Versuchsanstalt since its beginning (1902); he was given the post of state-adjoint when this institution was taken over by the Viennese Academy of Sciences, and remained in this post from 1914 until 1923. He then applied for his pension, and undertook lecturing tours to many European states, and twice to North America. Last year he was called to Moscow, where he was appointed to a chair in the State University and was entrusted with the erection of a laboratory for the biological department of the Moscow Academy. However, in a moment of mental depression, he deemed himself not able to undertake this task and shot himself on the Hochschneeberg, near Vienna, on September 23.

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