Persistent Solar Prominences


IN NATURE for July 24, page 131, reference is made to a large prominence formation on the sun's north-western limb on July 16. Apart from the interest in this display as to grandeur, consideration is enhanced by the fact of the many repeated appearances of this particular display. My records, which cover 71 observing dates since June 1, show that the first appearance of this exceptional formation was on June 18, in the north-west quadrant, in the north-east quadrant on July 2 and 3, again in the north-west on July 16, in the north-east again on July 29 and 30, once more in the north-west on August 12, and, although reduced somewhat, once again in the north-east on August 25 and 26.

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BUSS, A. Persistent Solar Prominences. Nature 118, 412 (1926).

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