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    SUSPECTED COMET.—Mr. Wilk, assistant at Cracow Observatory, who discovered a comet last year, has sent a telegram to the I.A.U. Bureau at Copenhagen announcing his detection of another cometary object of the sixth magnitude on September 1, 21h 46m.0 U.T., in R.A. 15h 53m 128; N. Decl. 3° 55′ (position referred to equinox of 1855). The motion was stated to be direct (that is, in the direction of increasing R.A.), and according to the wording of the telegram it reached the extraordinary amount of one degree in four minutes, but it is doubtful whether this is the correct interpretation. If so, the comet was very near the earth, and no forecast of its position is possible until more data are to hand. The writer of this note swept for a few degrees round the given position on September 4 without detecting any bright comet.

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