Geodetic Observations in the United States of America

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    AN official coastal survey of the United States was first authorised under President Jefferson in 1807, and since that date, with some vicissitudes, continual progress has been made in the survey of the country, both coast and inland. The Coast Survey, on account of its extended work, was renamed the Coast and Geodetic Survey, as now, in 1878. Besides the work done by this department, determinations of latitude, longitude, and azimuth have been made at various times by the U.S. Lake and Geological Surveys, the U.S. General Land Office, the U.S. and Canada Boundary Commission, the U.S. Army, and other bodies. Some of these determinations have hitherto remained unprinted, while others are scattered throughout many reports. The Coast and Geodetic Survey has therefore collected them all in one volume and made them readily and permanently available for scientific purposes.1

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