The Energy Levels of the Nitric Oxide Molecule


IN a recent letter to NATURE (July 4, 1925, vol. 116, p. 15) R. T. Birge and J. J. Hopfield record the observation of a system of emission bands in nitrogen in the region of λ1854–λ1250. They found a formula for these bands that did not fit into the known level-scheme of nitrogen. This was a peculiar fact because the bands arising from the normal state of the N2 molecule are to be expected in this region. The apparent discrepancy can now be explained by the discovery that these bands do not belong to the N2 but to the NO molecule. This is quite possible, as the nitrogen used was not completely free from oxygen.

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SPONER, H. The Energy Levels of the Nitric Oxide Molecule. Nature 117, 81 (1926).

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