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Über Wärmeleitung und andere ausgleichende Vorgänge


    THE idea of making the theory of heat conduction in solids serve as an introduction to the theory of all diffusion or levelling processes is a good one and saves a large amount of repetition of mathematical work. The use of the term thermal resistance (p. 11) in the same sense as its analogue electrical resistance is another good feature of the book. More use of the point source is made than has been customary in books on heat conduction, e.g. the heat section of Riemann-Partielle Differential-gleichungen. In applying the elementary theory to cases like the deposit of dew (p. 32) and the bolometer (p. 34), in which the conditions are not such as to give direct conductivity problems, the author has detracted somewhat from the value of his work for teaching purposes. The same may be said of the transition from the periodic flow of a temperature wave into the earth to the periodic change of concentration at electrodes through which an alternating current enters a solution (p. 55). Only a page (p. 64) is devoted to diffusion, and no hint is given as to the motion of the solvent. Viscosity gets twenty pages, too many of which are devoted to the old oscillating disc method.

    Über Wärmeleitung und andere ausgleichende Vorgänge.

    Prof. Dr.



    Von. Pp. x + 106. (Berlin: Julius Springer, 1924.) 1.40 dollars.

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