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(1) Science and Creation: the Christian Interpretation (2) Contributions of Science to Religion (3) New Light on Genesis: or Creation during Descent in the Scriptures

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(1) THESE admirable lectures by Dr. D'Arcy, L'Archbishop of Armagh, display a notable capacity for keeping abreast of recent advances in science. On p. 17, for example, we discover the author's acquaintance with the new anthropological theories of the Perry, Rivers, Elliot Smith school; he realises that culture degradation as well as progress has often taken place, and that the modern savage may not be by any means the equivalent of early man, so that the universal myth of a Golden Age may have its historical foundation after all (p. 14). The bishop also displays boldness, as well as clear judgment, in reject ing the specious attractions of vitalism in biology. It is not many religious apologists who would have dared to write words which might have come from Mr. Julian Huxley:

(1) Science and Creation: the Christian Interpretation.

By the Rev. Charles F. D'Arcy. Pp. vi + 126, (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1925.) 3s. 6d. net.

(2) Contributions of Science to Religion.

By the Rev. Shailer Mathews. With the Co-operation of William E. Ritter, Robert A. Millikan, Edwin B. Frost, Edward B. Mathews, C. Judson Herrick, John M. Coulter, Ellsworth Faris, Charles H. Judd, John M. Dodson, Charles B. Davenport, E. Davenport, C.-E. A. Winslow, Horatio Hackett Newman. Pp. vii + 427 + 5 plates. (New York and London: D. Appleton and Co., 1924.) 12s. 6d. net.

(3) New Light on Genesis: or Creation during Descent in the Scriptures.

By the Rev. Morris Morris. Pp. 151. (London, Edinburgh and New York: Marshall Bros., Ltd., 1924.) 3s. 6d.


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