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Wettervorhersage: die Fortschritte der synoptischen Meteorologie

    Naturevolume 115page636 (1925) | Download Citation



    THE title chosen by Dr. Georgii for this work—“The Progress of Synoptic Meteorology”—is perhaps rather ambitious for a work which runs to no more than in pages. It is largely an account of the meteorological theories of V. and J. Bjerknes and of F. M. Exner, one might almost say of the Norwegian and Austrian schools of meteorology, but it contains also short accounts of certain lines of research not especially associated with these schools.

    Wettervorhersage: die Fortschritte der synoptischen Meteorologie.

    Von Prof. Dr. Walter Georgii. (Wissenschaftliche Forschungsberichte: Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe, Band II.) Pp. viii + 114. (Dresden und Leipzig: Theodor Steinkopff, 1924.) 4.50 gold marks.

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