The Ross Barrier


    TN a paper to the Royal Geographical Society on -*o January 19, Mr. C. S. Wright gave an account of the Ross Barrier and the mechanism of ice movement. There is now little doubt that the barrier is bounded by high land on all sides except the north, although the ranges between Edward Land and the Maud ranges have still to be discovered. The area of this ice sheet may be given as approximately 150,000 square miles. Ample proof is forthcoming that the seaward edge of the barrier is afloat, although it is probably aground at the site of Amundsen's winter quarters east of the Bay of Whales. Observations have proved that the slope of the barrier is very slight and this must be interpreted as evidence that the barrier is afloat even quite close to its southern edge.

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    The Ross Barrier. Nature 115, 175–176 (1925) doi:10.1038/115175b0

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