Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S


THE death of William Whitaker on January 15, though for some weeks it had been clearly imminent, will be felt none the less as a deep personal bereavement by his many friends. The picturesque figure so familiar at the meetings of the British Association, the alertness in body and mind, even after fourscore years and more had laid their burden upon him, but, above all, the geniality which endeared him to all he met, will long be remembered. As a geologist he was a pioneer in the elucidation of the Tertiary strata and the superficial deposits of the south and southeast of England, second only to Prestwick in that branch of the science.

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STRAHAN, A. Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. Nature 115, 129–130 (1925).

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