Das Wildseemoor bei Kaltenbronn im Schwarzwald: ein Naturschutzgebiet


    THE author spent thirteen years in the study of a particular piece of moorland vegetation in the vicinity of Baden-Baden. The area is noted for its beauty and Dr. Miiller loves the region-a fact that contributes largely to the fascination of the book. But not only is the Wildsee a lovely spot, it is also of peculiar interest to the student of natural history. In his preface the author states that the fauna and flora of the moor is that of the arctic-alpine type comparable to an island in the midst of a sea of central European forest produced by the ecological singularity of its position. Beginning with the history of the moor from the eighteenth century, he traces its life from 1780 when its water supply was originally tapped. Later, the peat itself was exploited. During these periods the drained areas were utilised for afforestation schemes with conspicuous failure-sphagnum growing most freely on those areas from which the peat had been taken and reconverting them into bogs. Since the Armistice, the author's knowledge of the region and his numerous articles upon it have assisted in the postponement of further projects to use the peat, and we are glad to learn that this beauty spot will be converted into a national preserve. The book is well illustrated with photographs and maps, but unfortunately it does not possess an index, though it has a good table of contents. It will appeal to all lovers of Nature and to students of ecology, for it contains much useful material attractively arranged regarding moorland vegetation. It was written originally to interest all who know and love this beautiful part of the Black Forest.

    Das Wildseemoor bei Kaltenbronn im Schwarzwald: ein Naturschutzgebiet.




    Von. Pp. vi + 161 + 19 Tafeln. (Karlsruhe i. B.: G. Braun G.m.b.H., 1924.) 3 marks.

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