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Dr. William Kellner


    Dr. William Kellner, who died at Charlton, on September 12, in his eighty-third year, was born at Frankfort in 1839, and received his scientific training under Prof. Wohler at Gottingen, finally obtaining his Ph.D. degree in that university. He became a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry in 1878 and served on the Council from 1895 to 1898. In 1862 he came to England as assistant to Sir Henry Roscoe, at Owens College, Manchester, whence, in 1864, he went to Woolwich and joined the staff of the War Department chemist (Sir Frederick Abel). In his early years at Woolwich Dr. Kellner was engaged in the varied general work of the chemical department. Later his main work became investigatory and experimental, both in connexion with explosives, as also to meet the requirements of the various Commissions and Committees on which the War Department chemist was a prominent member; of these the “Royal Commission on Accidents in Mines” and “The Explosives Committee” (appointed in 1889 to produce a smokeless powder for the Service) may be mentioned.

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