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Broadcasting in Great Britain


    THE Postmaster-General has, it is announced, decided temporarily to suspend the issue of licences for the reception of wireless telegraphy and telephony, except to those engaged upon experimental work. In an official statement sent out by the Post Office in relation to the broadcasting situation, it is explained that the Postmaster-General has been prompted to adopt the course he has taken in connexion with the issue of licences for reception purposes owing to the fact that there has been a divergence of views concerning the details with regard to the constitution of the company which it is proposed to form for the purpose of providing the broadcasting services. Not only have the proposed articles of association of the proposed broadcasting company proved unacceptable, as a whole, to the Postmaster-General and his advisers, but also, it would appear, that differences on essential points have also been manifest between the members of the committee dealing with the Postmaster-General in this matter. Considerable progress has, it is stated, now been made towards the solution of the differences between the members of the committee in question, and, at a conference held at the Post Office on September 12, an agreement was reached as to the conditions under which the Postmaster-General will issue the necessary licences for the erection of the broadcasting stations; it therefore now only remains for the Post Office officials and the committee representing the proposed company to settle certain details.

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