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    September Meteors.—Though September is not a month in which any rich shower of meteors is periodically visible, a considerable number of meteors and many radiant points of moderate activity should be seen. Fireballs are also particularly abundant during the month, especially on September 13–15, and again on September 24–28. The principal systems of meteors at this time of the year radiate from Aries, Perseus, Auriga, and other constellations in that part of the heavens. At the middle of September there is usually a strong display of e Perseids from 61° + 36°; there is also a prominent shower from near a Cygni, at 314° + 48°, and swift, streaking meteors from the Lynx frequently manifest themselves. September is, in fact, usually a productive period for the meteoric student, and further watching may reveal a somewhat rich annual display that hitherto has not received the notice it merits.

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