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    The Rowett Institute of Research in Animal Nutrition, Aberdeen, was formally opened by H.M. the Queen on Tuesday, September 12. It will be remembered that the Institute, which in the two years of its existence has done valuable work on problems of animal feeding, is under the control of the University of Aberdeen and the North of Scotland Agricultural College; the director is Dr. J. B. Orr. The Institute owes much to the generosity of Dr. J. Cjuiller Rowett, after whom it was named, who contributed a sum of 10,000/. towards its endowment (Nature, September 9, 1920, p. 67). This was followed by another gift for the purpose of purchasing a farm which would allow of expansion of the Institute; H.M. Treasury, on the recommendation of the Development Commission, promised a further sum of 20,000l. It is the establishment of such institutions as the National Institute of Agricultural Botany and the Rowett Institute of Research in Animal Nutrition which will go far towards improving the unsatisfactory state of our knowledge of food problems, both animal and human.

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