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    THE METEORS OF PONS-WINNECKE'S COMET.—Mr. W. F. Denning writes that he regards it as highly probable there may occur a meteoric shower on about June 28. It will be a return of the display which he witnessed on June 28, 1916. If the meteors of this stream are connected with the comet of Pons-Winnecke, they will have a period approximating six years; and as the particles appear to be distributed abundantly along a lengthy section of the orbit, a repetition of the phenomenon of 1916 may be expected. It is true that the cometary meteors were not seen at many stations last year, although the conditions appeared promising, but in Japan a considerable number seem to have been recorded. In any event it is desirable carefully to watch the heavens, at the end of June, for further evidence of this interesting display. There will be no moonlight, and the radiant point in Quadrans or Draco will be favourably placed in the earlier hours of the night.

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