X-Ray Studies on the Crystal Structure of Iron and Steel


AT the annual meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute last year, Dr. Westgren presented a paper on some X-ray crystallographic investigations on iron and steel. At that time the photograms on which his conclusions regarding the crystal structure of the steel components were based were not very clear, and were not published. Moreover, owing to spontaneous crystal growth at high temperatures, the photogram of gamma iron at 1000° C. did not show any continuous lines, but only a few spots. Since then, Dr. Westgren has continued his investigations and improved the experimental arrangements, and in a paper published with Mr. Phragmen at the corresponding meeting of the Institute on May 5 last, he showed photograms of very great interest and significance.


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C., H. X-Ray Studies on the Crystal Structure of Iron and Steel. Nature 109, 817–818 (1922). https://doi.org/10.1038/109817a0

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