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    THE report of. the Astronomer Royal presented at -I the annual visitation of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, on June 3, deals with the year ended on May 10. The observations for the seven-year star catalogue, 1915-1921, have been concluded, practically all the stars having been observed at least seven times; they include all stars in the Backlund-Hough list north of declination - 28°. The determination of their proper motions is now in progress. The working catalogue in use since January last includes all the stars brighter than the eighth magnitude (with some fainter ones in sparse regions) between North Decl. 32° and 64°. It will be remembered that the zones from N. 24° to N. 32° and from N. 64° to N. 90° were covered in recent Greenwich catalogues. The epoch 1925 is adopted for all catalogues about the present time, in accordance with a resolution of the Astronomical Union.

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