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    LARGE FIREBALL.—On May 21, at 12.32 G.M.T., a large meteor was observed by the well-known variable star observer, M. Felix de Roy, at Antwerp, Belgium. The object moved slowly among the stars of Leo, and left a tail of sparks like a rocket. Its path was from 169° +9° to 155° +18°. The same meteor was observed by Mr. J. P. M. Prentice, at Stowmarket, and he recorded the path from 203° + 1-° to 179° + 155-°. The duration was estimated at six seconds. Comparing the two observations the radiant point is indicated at 280° -33° in Sagittarius. The height of the object was from about 60 to 57 miles and the velocity 15 miles per second. The meteor passed over the region from the south-west of Surrey to south of Warwick.

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