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THE visitation of the Royal Observatory took place on June 4, when the report of the Astronomer Royal, which covers the year ended on May 10, was presented. The report states that strenuous efforts are being made with the transit circle to complete the present catalogue, which embraces some two thousand stars of the list prepared by Dr. Backlund and Mr. Hough; the aim of that list was to obtam a convenient number of reference stars uniformly distributed over the sky. These observations will be concluded at the end of this year, after which observations will be commenced of all stars down to magnitude 8-0 between N. declination 32° and 64°. It will be remembered that stars down to magnitude 9-0 between declination 64° and 90°, and also between 24° and 32°, have recently been observed at Greenwich. The catalogue of the last-named region was distributed during 1920; it includes the determination of the proper motions, of 12,000 stars.

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