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    PONS-WINNECKE'S COMET.—Mr. W. F. Denning writes:—“On May 28 this comet was conspicuously visible in a field-glass. The comet is at present situated in the Milky Way amongst the stars of Cygnus, and is moving to the south-east at the rate of about 31/2° per day. It is increasing in apparent brightness, and may possibly come within naked-eye vision at the middle of June. The latest observations prove that the comet is farther from the earth than was expected, and that at perihelion it will be about 2,000,000 miles outside the terrestrial orbit. Perturbations by Jupiter in 1918 have altered the cometary path and lengthened the period of revolution. There may be a meteor shower on the nights from June 27 to 30, but the conditions are such that the display may not be a very brilliant one. Observations should be carefully made at the period mentioned, and it is fortunate that the evening sky will be free from moonlight.”

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