DR. GEORGE FREDERICK WRIGHT, who died recently at the age of eighty-three years from heart failure following influenza, was, from 1881 to 1907, a professor in the Oberlin Theological Seminary, Ohio, and had been since 1884 the editor of a well-known theological publication, “Bibliotheca Sacra.” His most important work, however, was done as a geologist, and his “Ice Age in North America,” first published in 1889, remains a standard work on the subject. He wrote also on “The Glacial Boundary in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky,” “Man and the Glacial Period,” and “Greenland Icefields.” At the invitation of the late Tsar of Russia Dr. Wright visited Siberia for a geological study, the fruits of which appeared in 1902 in a two-volume work entitled “Asiatic Russia.” The relations of science and religion were also discussed by him in several of his publications.

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