S. Ramanujan, F.R.S.


SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN, whose death was announced in NATURE of June 3, was born in 1888, in the neighbourhood of Madras, the son of poor parents, and a Brahmin by caste. I know very little of his early history or education, but he became a student in Madras University, and passed certain examinations, though he did not complete the course for a degree. Later he was employed by the Madras Port Trust as a clerk at a salary equivalent to about 25l. a year. By this time, however, reports of his unusual abilities had begun to spread, and, I believe owing to the intervention of Dr. G. T. Walker, he obtained a small scholarship which relieved him from the necessity of office work and set him free for research.


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HARDY, G. S. Ramanujan, F.R.S.. Nature 105, 494–495 (1920). https://doi.org/10.1038/105494a0

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