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    THE bearer of a name highly esteemed in botanical circles has just passed away in the person of AUGUSTIN PYRAMUS DE CANDOLLE, who died at Vallon, near Geneva, on May 9, at the age of fifty-one, surviving his father only eighteen months. The family is of French origin, but for four generations it has been settled at Geneva, adopting the local fashion of employing a capital letter for De. Born in England in 1869, the late botanist visited our shores on many occasions; in 1889 ne came to London to receive the Linnean gold medal awarded to his grandfather by the Linnean Society of London, and in 1904 he attended the British Association meeting at Cambridge. He published but little, only about a dozen short memoirs on systematic descriptions of new plants from Madagascar and Tonquin, on parthenogenesis, and on the influence of electricity on the germination of seeds. He filled the office of president of the Societe Botanique de Geneve in 1905. The brilliancy of the line was shown in the great-grandfather, A. P. De Candolle (1778–1841); grandfather, Alphonse De Candolle (1806–93); and father, Casimir De Candolle (1836–1918).

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