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    THE announcement by the Air Ministry of the future arrangements for aeronautical research and education marks an important stage in the history of the subject. The course followed was indicated in a White Paper, noticed in NATURE of March 4, p. 14, containing the report of a Committee on Education and Research, in Aeronautics. The chairman of that Committee, Sir Richard Glazebrook, is now head of the new Aeronautical Research Committee and Zaharoff professor at London University. He was for twelve years chairman of the late Advisory Committee for Aeronautics under the presidency of the late Lord Rayleigh, and it may fairly be claimed that the new advance in the direction of the coordination of research in a large subject is a consequence of the success of the work of the earlier body. The Advisory Committee for Aeronautics had the assistance of such eminent men of science as Sir Horace Darwin, Sir Joseph Petavel, Sir Dugald Clerk, Sir Napier Shaw, Mr. F. W. Lanchester, and Sir George Greenhill. The new Committee differs considerably from the older one in its personnel), and indicates an apparent break in continuity. This is not wholly the case, for many of the new members of the Research Committee have for some time been members of sub-committees of the Advisory Committee. It was inevitable that the end of a strenuous period, such as that which brought the war to a close, should be taken as a suitable time for the withdrawal of the older members from some of their activities, and this has happened to a great degree in the case of the members of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The place of such members is taken by specialists in aeronautics together with one or two men of science of wide experience.

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