Museums and the State


THOSE who have long viewed with increasing irritation the waste of time, labour, and money involved in the present unco-ordinated condition of our national museums will welcome the leading article in NATURE of March 11, in which you have with such justice expounded the situation and indicated a possible solution of our difficulties. It is a little dangerous for a Civil Servant to express a candid opinion on the workings of Government Departments, but perhaps I may be allowed to go outside that taboo area and to point out that the duplication of work and the competition for specimens to which, you have alluded affect all the museums (including art galleries) of the country. Some of us, therefore, have come to the conclusion that these also should be co-ordinated with the national institutions and knit into a single scheme. There need be no interference with the existing direction of each museum, but there could be much organised help.

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BATHER, F. Museums and the State. Nature 105, 69 (1920).

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