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The Hydro-Electric Survey of India1

Nature volume 104, pages 363364 (04 December 1919) | Download Citation



A T a time when so much enterprise and energy are being displayed in collecting facts and data concerning the world's water-power resources, the issue of a preliminary report on the water-power resources of India is an incident of considerable interest and importance. The investigation was commenced in 1918 under instructions from the Indian Government by the late Mr. G. T. Barlow, C.I.E., who was placed in charge of the survey, with Mr. J. W. Meares as his assistant. The untimely and deplorably sudden death of Mr. Barlow in April, 10,19, towards the close of the tour of inspection, left the compilation of the report in the hands of Mr. Meares, who was appointed as his successor in the post of Chief Engineer. Mr. Meares has discharged his exacting task in a very able manner. The removal of Mr. Barlow's collaboration was, of course, a serious deprivation, as a number of places were visited by him unaccompanied; and, although he compiled his notes with every care, his unrecorded impressions would have been of great value. Notwithstanding this the report is excellently put together, and full of useful information.


  1. 1.

    "Hydro-electric Survey of India". Preliminary Report on the Waterpower Resources of India. Ascertained during the Season 1918–19 by the late , assisted by . Compiled by J. W. Meares. Pp. vii + 108 + iii plates. (Calcutta: Superintendent Government Printing, India.) Price Rs. 3.2 or 4s. 9d.

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