The Supposed “Fascination” of Birds by Snakes and the “Mobbing” of Snakes by Birds


I HAVE received the following interesting notes by Dr. J. Burton Cleland, of 93 Macquarie Street, Sydney. I may add to the observations recorded towards the end of his letter the behaviour of a common grey African parrot brought to this country as a young bird in 1904, and almost certainly without experience of hawks. One wing is clipped from time to time and the bird given much freedom in the garden. Twice I have seen it drop with a scream and crouch on the ground when an aeroplane has flown overhead at a rather low elevation.

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POULTON, E. The Supposed “Fascination” of Birds by Snakes and the “Mobbing” of Snakes by Birds. Nature 102, 486 (1919).

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