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The Eclipse of the Sun on May 29


IT has been found impossible to organise any British solar eclipse expeditions since those sent to Sweden and Russia in the summer of 1914, just before the threat of war arose. Consequently, advantage is being taken of the cessation of hostilities to arrange for the occupation of two stations in the eclipse of next May by parties sent out by the Joint Permanent Eclipse Committee of the Royal and Royal Astronomical Societies. This eclipse is noteworthy for the long duration of totality, which is 6m. 50s. in mid-Atlantic, and 5m. 13s. at each of the selected stations. The duration of totality in the eclipses of the same series in the Saros cycle has been gradually increasing, and will reach a maximum of about 7m. 8s. in June, 1955, in the neighbourhood of Manila; this duration will exceed that of any eclipse in the preceding millennium.

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