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A NUMBER of interesting papers dealing with various aspects of meteorology in Italy, including results from a new station in the colony of Gebel Bengasi, have recently been issued by Prof. Eredia, director of the service. The first (i) contains the results of observations made at Nalut during the two years ending May, 1915. The co-ordinates of the station are lat. 310 53' N., long. 8° 45' E., and the height 600 m. The mean temperature is 65-7° F.; that of the warmest month, July, 84-6°, and of January, the coldest month, 44-4°, showing the large variation of more than 400. The mean daily maxima vary from 980 in July to 52-5° in January. The corresponding mean minima are 70-6° and 360, so that the amplitude in the day values is io° in excess of the night values. The mean daily range is 21-5°, and the absolute extremes of temperature are iu° and 230. Compared with Tripoli, on the coast, the mean temperature is i-6° lower.. In summer (May to August) Nalut is 50 warmer than Tripoli, in winter io° colder, the extreme differences being + 6° in June and - ii° in January.. The annual rainfall is 194mm. (7-63 in.), which almost all falls between December and April. The average number of days with rain in the year is nineteen. The rain falls in heavy showers of short duration, which, as a rule, do not exceed thirty minutes. Only on three occasions did the duration of a shower exceed five hours, although one rainstorm lasted two days. The heaviest fall was ij in. in two and a half hours, on April 4, 1915. December, 1914, was the wettest month, with 5-16 in., falling on four days during an aggregate of twelve hours, although in the same month of the previous year only 003 in. fell. There are. 237 cloudless and 36 overcast days annually. The predominant wind is N. at all seasons, accounting for about half of all the observed winds, while winds from the E. and S.E. rarely occur.

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