“Habitat Groups” in American Museums


DR. B. W. EVERMANN, Director of the Museum of the California Academy of Sciences, gives an account, in the Scientific Monthly (New York) for January last, of some of the “habitat” or ecological exhibits of mammals and birds which have recently been installed in the museum under his charge, and explains his views with regard to the educational, functions of museums. With the latter part of his subject we are not at the moment concerned; but as it is possible, owing to the kindness of the publishers of the Scientific Monthly, to reproduce here several of the illustrations which accompany Dr. Ever-mann's paper, advantage may be taken of this opportunity to direct attention to some of the beautiful results which have been achieved in the United States in exhibiting animals in their natural surroundings. Each illustration has had to have its width cut away by about an inch in order to bring it within the width of a page of NATURE, but even with this reduction the mere inspection of the illustrations in question is sufficient to induce a feeling of unqualified admiration for these efforts; and, from my own personal experiences in the United States, I am able to go further and say that the habitat groups in some of the American museums are fully deserving of the high praise Dr. Evermann claims for them.

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