Practical Organic and Bio-chemistry


THE speedy appearance of a new edition of this work indicates that it has established itself as a trustworthy and useful aid to practical biochemistry. The chief characteristics of the previous edition, to which attention was directed in NATURE of January 13, 1916 (vol. xcvi., p. 532), remain quite unaltered, and only slight changes in detail have been introduced. These are comparatively few in number, and take the1 form of modifications of methods of analysis and preparation rendered necessary by new publications. Thus trie new methods of preparation of the bile acids, due to Schryver and to Mair, and the latest method of estimating glucose in blood (MacLean), are fully given. A new plate of absorption spectra forms the frontispiece, and includes the spectra of chlorophyll and other leaf pigments, as well as those of the colouring matters of the blood and urine. Appropriately for the times the remarks on diet have been recast, but the few lines devoted to “vitamines” scarcely do justice to the present state of our information with regard to those important dietary constituents.

Practical Organic and Bio-chemistry.

By R. H. A. Plimmer. New and revised edition. Pp. x + 636. (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1918.) Price 18s. net.

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