Aids to Rational Therapeutics with USA Pharmacopoeia Equivalents


IN many books on the treatment of disease the plan adopted is to discuss each disease and to indicate its treatment. This leads to much needless repetition, for in many instances the same general treatment may be applied to many different diseases. If, for example, we take the case of the infectious fevers, almost the same line of treatment may be adopted for all, with here and there a slight modification or addition. The author of this book has acted upon this principle: he divides diseases into some forty groups, discussing the general treatment applicable to each group, and then adding any special method indicated for any particular case. Thus, selecting at random, we have such groups as the catarrhal, the anaemic, the abscess, the malarial, the rheu^ matic, the cardiac, the vitamine insufficience, etc. The grouping seems to have been particularly well done, and the information given in almost all cases is accurate and sufficient. Thus that rare disease, rat-bite fever, and its treatment with salvarsan are mentioned. Throughout, typical prescriptions are given, and, in addition, dietetic, electrical, and other forms of treatment are described as required. By adopting this plan the author has succeeded in compiling in a comparatively small space a complete system of treatment, and we believe that the book will be of considerable service to the young practitioner. In an appendix some useful hints are given on dealing with patients in private practice.

Aids to Rational Therapeutics with U.S.A. Pharmacopoeia Equivalents.


R. W.


By. Pp. x + 233. (London: Baillière, Tindall, and Cox, 1918.) Price 3s. 6d. net.

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